Classic Line

Classic Chalkboard in Walnut

This classic chalkboard will enhance any room, from home office to children's playroom. It features a professional quality chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase white board on the other. The board is carefully balanced and pivots on its horizontal axis making switching from one side to the other a breeze. A hand-wrought iron pin keeps the board solidly in place once one side or the other has been chosen. A narrow shelf with subtle troughs, to keep markers or chalk handily in place, runs just under the chalkboard. As is typical in Studio Madera pieces this Classic Chalkboard is built entirely with traditional joinery including through tenons (all standing-frame connections) and butterfly joints (chalkboard frame). The piece is shown in walnut but can be built in a variety of species to match any space.

Price: made-to-order (as pictured: $2500)