Classic Line

Thomas Stand-Up Desk in Mahogany

The handsome Thomas Stand-Up Desk has been one of our most popular pieces. Shown in mahogany, it can be built in almost any species to match any decor. Additionally it can be modified to meet your specific height requirements (please let us know at the time of order). The desk features a single drawer and large storage space under the gently sloping top. There are two shelves which are not attached to the stretchers so as to allow the user the option of placing them together and creating one large shelf. The footrest/lower front stretcher is topped with a durable copper cap to protect the wood from the abrasive scuff of shoes. The various stretchers are through-tenoned, and the drawer is solidly built with box joints. The use of walnut breadboards on the top tie into the contrast created by the alternating end grain on the drawer front.

Price: made-to-order (as pictured: $3600)