Natural Line

Butterfly Chair (series) in Mesquite

Studio Madera's Butterfly Chairs successfully blend the natural lines and live edges of the back with the highly refined lines and polished forms of the seat and legs. The backs of this chair series are created by bookmatching resawn pieces of mesquite which have been painstakingly selected for size, shape and grain. They are then reinforced using butterfly keys and are carefully attached to the seat using dovetail construction. The chair legs are through tenoned into the seat. Particular attention has been given to the edge detail of the seat, the shape of which relieves pressure on the sitter's legs. The splines that help reinforce the joints in the construction of the seat are in a contrasting wood and are exposed at the front and rear edges of the seat allowing one to intuit the way the chair is held together. Although each chair is inherently different due to the uniqueness of every back, the fundamental form remains constant allowing a collection of these chairs to work successfully together around a dining table or other group composition.

Price: made-to-order (as pictured: $2800 each)