Natural Line

Sherwood Bench in Mesquite and Iron

This piece, entitled “Sherwood Bench,” incorporates meticulous woodworking such as unique maple butterflies joining the two halves of the bench top together and a dadoed connection between the wooden bench top and steel base. Although the top surface of the bench is highly finished, the “live edge” has been left on the outside of the top, exhibiting the natural beauty inherent in the wood. The base was designed to evoke a sense of the raw strength, power and beauty of natural mesquite. The Maple butterfly keys provide structural integrity to the top; their shape is derivative of mesquite leaves. This is sculptural furniture and is built to be used, inviting viewers/users to explore the piece with their hands as much as their eyes.

Approximate dimensions: 51"L x 22"W x 18½"H.

Price: made-to-order (as pictured: $8800)